Posted by Renee Schmidt

As data becomes increasingly digital, are Business Cards becoming obsolete?  With the entire hullabaloo (and yes, I’ve been anxiously waiting to use that word on SheBytes for months now!), about the digitization of the business card, and the possibility of making the traditional business card obsolete, I found it an apt opportunity to lend some of my input.

Whether the business card will actually no longer be relevant, in the future is impossible to say, but I am certain that business cards are still integral in the professional community today.

So when I ran into a great infographic on Business Cards Online, I just had to borrow some of their creative and incredibly insightful images 😉

Despite the growing involvement and reliance upon social media, it is crucial in the corporate environment, to really maximize and fulfill the potential of that small square of paper, for a couple of reasons:

  1. No matter what somebody tells you, your business card is your most valuable networking asset.
  2. Because people always receive your card after meeting you face to face; a compelling card is the key to continuing that relationship, after you’ve parted.
  3. If somebody is shopping around for whatever service or product your company offers, obviously they aren’t going to make that decision based on business card design, but your card will remind them of your personality, your warmth, your professionalism and your drive.
  4. Similarly, when someone is seeking a job and interviewing for a handful of positions at different companies, they will hearken back, not only to what your company has to offer, but to what you as an individual are like; which must be relayed through your business card.

So most of all, remember that even more than a Resume’, the business card is a representation of who you are, and why you’re important. That being said make sure to do something that’s fun, to the point and memorable, like SheBytes’ intern Jesse’s brand new card below:

Hope that helps!