Posted by Renee Schmidt

Want to know how you rank on the web?  Use Alexa to check your Internet position! 

In the cosmic battle for control of the internet, there are legendary, irreplaceable tools; many of which remain unheard of by a large majority of the general population. Alexa is an example as such.

Alexa is a simple website with a couple of features, the most important of which, for the purposes of this post, is Alexa’s “Site Info” tab. This instrument (while notorious for not being very precise; albeit relative), allows you to type in any domain name, and it will spit back that domain’s Global and US traffic rank, as well as the number of sites linking in.

Alexa can give you an idea of how your website is doing, in terms of web traffic, compared to the competition –and really give you some perspective on your site’s overall internet prowess.

Below are a bunch of websites I checked out on Alexa, paired with their US traffic ranking (the lower the number, the more popular the site):

  1. Facebook: 2
  2. Kmart: 506
  3. TechnoBuffalo: 8,217
  4. iTunes: 56,848

SheBytes is currently at 206,257, a number we were able to cut in half from about a month ago (thank you superfans!).

Go to Alexa for yourself, type in your domain, and check out where you position!