Posted by Renee Schmidt

Cloud tech reaches new heights with Newvem, a cloud computing company that provides insights and analytics into your AWS cloud.

Be it a consumer or a business, cloud computing can provide an array of innovative technology solutions. For instance, a cloud tech solution can help a large company organize its data and software programs in a way that all employees can access it, whether accessing it from a home city or from the farthest corner of the world. Thanks to a centrally located server, all users can access the same data and programs, eliminating the need for pockets of employees to access local systems.

Cloud tech supports flexible working environment, which is the way in our ever increasing digital age. Much like utilities, companies using cloud tech pay only a monthly subscription to their cloud provider, as opposed to making a large one-time investment into an infrastructure that is like in-kind. Another major benefit of cloud tech is freedom from system updates. The cloud provider will update software on a centrally located server, which means it will be updated for everyone, at the same time.

Cloud technology is very attractive, and a company called Newvem is making the technology a little easier to use. I had the pleasure of meeting the Newvem team on a recent trip (I was exploring Technology in Israel). Newvem has developed a tool that provides timely, actionable insights that are critical for any business in the cloud. The company provides a product to compliment Amazon Web Services (AWS), revealing insights into costs, assets, and risk; recommending  solutions to manage a cloud more efficiently and effectively.  Newvem makes AWS a more beneficial and cost effective use case for businesses. With Newvem, it’s easy to keep an eye on Cloud usage cost accounting. You can easily track your bill and get a forecast of future bills. You can also use resource resizing tools along with hourly utilization patterns to reduce costs from AWS.

While yes, running operations in the cloud can save a lot of money, wouldn’t you want to optimize your IT environment to run in the most cost efficient way? To that end, Newvems’s cloud tech solution brings efficiency in service delivery, and cost effectiveness while providing secure data analysis for users in the cloud. What’s more, Newvem unveiled the company’s first ever iOS application yesterday. Newvem’s “Cloud Smart Meter” for AWS is the first native iPad and iPhone application that enables chief information officers (CIOs) and IT managers to gain clear visibility into their AWS costs, risks, and assets. With analytics into your AWS Cloud right from the palm of your hand, Newvem lets you collaborate with your teams and manage your clouds from anywhere at any time. Cloud gone mobile!

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