Posted by Renee Schmidt


Clubz, a new social mobile app, aims to reinvent groups. 

Imagine a huge WhatsApp group with people you don’t know but whom share your same passions. “It’s much like a WhatsApp group on Steroids,” says Moish Levin, Co-founder & CEO of Clubz. “Unlike WhatsApp groups, we are not limited to people you have on your contacts, and we offer a “lean back” discovery experience.”

Clubz take a fundamentally different approach to the way users consume content:

  • By joining a Club, members follow their passions and interest rather than follow people;
  • Clubz focuses on entertainment: short video sharing, photos, quotes and not communication like What’s App groups
  • Clubz does not have a “noisy feed”. Instead members enter clubs to consume content they want to see, thus making the experience more engaging

Clubz is ready to emerge in the US, following a very successful Israeli beta. The app is already generating very interesting clubs, with examples including “What’s for Lunch?” a group in which people take photo of their lunch and give it a grade. If you enjoy mobile communities such as Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Meetup, or media sharing platforms such as YouTube Channels, Instagram and Vine – you will love Clubz.

Here are few more features of the Clubz app:

  • Explore what’s trending (new groups and communities i.e Clubs);
  • Watch & share videos and photos in groups and communities from around the world
  • Interact with other Club members through giving & receiving likes and comments
  • Create fun, short 30 second videos in a simple and fun way
  • Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, What’s app, and more
  • Unlimited uploads – 100% free
  • Ability to import and share videos photos from your smartphone gallery

     clubz-app-4-28-2014-b          clubz-app-4-28-2014-a

Clubz is free to download and use. Ready to try it? Find it on Google Play or watch a Short Demo | Long Demo

I like the concept, but I like the targeted marketing potential here as well. Given the group segmentation, Clubz offers marketers extremely valuable information with respect to targeted native campaigns within a Club. Moish Levin added “Some of the clubs — such as those devoted to business issues — could in the future be turned into premium clubs, operating on a revenue-sharing basis with the club Owner. Alternatively, we may also offer promoted clubs for products and brands, etc.” Sound promising, if they can secure a wide-enough user base (more to follow)!