Posted by Renee Schmidt

Home entertainment is becoming a lot more exciting, courtesy of Comigo. 

Only a few years ago, few people could have envisioned much evolution to the way we watch TV. Today, Comigo is shattering our TV watching norms by taking television viewing beyond the TV set, connecting your TV to virtually any handheld device (tablet, phone, or laptop). It’s a new page in interactive viewing!

Comigo’s smart TV platform is a comprehensive multi-screen solution presenting interactive personal and social networking capabilities.

With Comigo you can browse through available channels, invite friends to watch with you, visit a show’s Facebook page, or check-in to a show. You can also stream the broadcast to your tablet or laptop, so you don’t miss a moment when you run to the kitchen to grab a snack. With Comigo, you can still watch shows and interact with friends, from a tablet or smartphone, when you’re away from your television.

With the Comigo smart set-top box, you can access your own multi-media library (movies, TV shows, photos, or music), browse the web, listen to internet radio stations, enjoy Android apps, record broadcasted channels, and even explore or search for content. Comigo interfaces with IMDB so you can view the synopsis of a show or movie, see the actors, click on their names, and then see what other movies or shows they are in, and even when those will be airing!

With Comigo’s social networking interface, you can connect with your friends, see what they are watching, invite them to watch with you, and chat on or off screen; as if they are in the room with you.

Comigo is unifying the way we view, access and share content into one screen; the TV screen. I had the pleasure of meeting the company’s founder, Dov Moran, on a recent trip (I was exploring Technology in Israel). Dov is a seasoned technology professional, having invented the USB flash drive! Comigo certainly has the right leadership and more so, an incredible product (one of the most innovative I’ve seen in a long time); I’m excited to see Comigo explode onto the global scene. Because of Comigo, I believe the initial concept of broadcast is soon to be forgotten.

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