Posted by Renee Schmidt

Technology meets art. Artist Henry Hargreaves, a still-life art and fashion photographer working out of his studio in Brooklyn, NYC, takes us on a journey of the connection between fast food and gadgets; technology and art, in this deep fried photos series.

In this photo series, we have the following deep fried delights: sep fried earbuds, deep fried gameboy, deep fried iPad, deep fried iPhone, deep fried iPod, deep fried smartphone, deep fried laptop.

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Henry Hargreaves, a New Zealand native, has established himself as a full time photographer known for fun, creative, provocative and memorable images. He has created a wide spectrum of work for commercial clients like Ralph Lauren. His work is fueled by a “restless and curious mind, a fascination with the unusual or quirky and a desire to see how photography can illuminate the world and spark conversation.” Deep fried gadgets most definitely accomplishes the latter. Are these gross or tasty?  I can’t decide!

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