Posted by Renee Schmidt, a free interior design app, is making interior design a little bit more fun (and practical!).

Picture this: you’ve been eyeing a vintage couch for months. You finally decide to purchase it. Not only do you have a hard time having it shipped to your home, when it finally arrives, you discover it doesn’t really match your existing vintage look. You then slave to get it returned and end up quite frustrated by the entire ordeal.

If you’ve ever tried to purchase an item for your home (big or small), there’s a cool new app (it’s FREE) that you ought to check out in the AppStore. It’s called; it’s an app you can use to “pre” visualize how any item might look within any given space, before you actually buy it.

What sofa shopping should look like: you launch, take a few shots of your living room, and hit the store. Immediately, you spot two new arrivals, a 50’s patterned couch and a Danish retro sofa. This is the moment for to help you make the right choice. Shot, click, click, one swirl with your fingertip, and the couch is ready to be planted in your living room picture, and “voila.” In under five minutes you’re able to create two compositions, each showing a different item in your home.  You can even send them to your friend for advice. Danish wins! is one of those apps that makes life a little easier.  And it’s fun to use!  Along the lines of Instagram which gives us all the opportunity to feel like professional photographers, the interior design app helps us become interior designers in an instant. With today’s high pressure pace, little time and much work, it is really important to have tools like to help us expedite our decision making process.

Taking advantage of the vast knowledge that exists across the popular social networks, sharing your designs on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, can give you added and specialized feedback, reinforcing your decisions. Gifting is also made easy with this interior design app. Using, as you can easily test your gift ideas and consult with mutual friends and family, to see if there is a fit!

My favorite thing about, is that along with it being a totally free interior design app, it also gives you the freedom to choose your items from many different platforms, whether it be the web, a local designer store, or a big brand. keeps the power of choice in your hands, with no commitment to a certain brand. This approach is a key principle at Dezyn It Software LTD, where CEO Dana Farber (a tech savvy woman, woohoo!) aims to democratize the interior design process with technology. As Dana puts it, “Coming from design myself, I want to provide accessibility to anyone wanting to experiment with interior design, by using simple tools that do not require prior knowledge.”  Seems to me that she’s succeeded with Let me know what you think!

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