Posted by Renee Schmidt

Source: CNET

Lose an iPhone?  According to CNET, an Apple employee left behind yet ANOTHER unreleased iPhone 5 prototype in a bar. The iPhone, which went missing in San Francisco’s Mission district in late July, led Apple on a wild goose chase to recover the device.

According to CNET “Last year, an iPhone 4 prototype was bought by a gadget blog that paid $5,000 in cash. This year’s lost phone seems to have taken a more mundane path: it was taken from a Mexican restaurant and bar and may have been sold on Craigslist for $200.” Apple traced the phone electronically to a single-family home in San Francisco, but a search of the home turned up nothing.

The owner of the bar was quoted as saying “I guess I have to make my drinks a little less strong.”  How about: I guess alcohol makes people forgetful.  Seems to me like Apple employees need to lay off the booze.

This is sort of embarrassing for Apple.  I am surprised they were able to keep it under wraps for so long.