Posted by Renee Schmidt

Few things impress me as much as Echo Design gloves… gloves that let you text on your smartphone while wearing them!  A winter’s dream come true for texters everywhere!

I’m not that easy to impress. But Echo Design’s gloves, really hit the mark. I got these as a birthday present last week and I haven’t looked back at my old winter gloves even once!

With gloves like the Ruched Superfit Echo Touch Glove, and my favorite, the Superfit Vent Echo Touch Glove, Echo Design has done something truly spectacular!

With a really early snow storm this year, that surprised all of the Tri-State area, you can never be too prepared for winter and these gloves are sure to have you ready for everything.

Now allow me to paint you a picture:

Have you ever been texting while it’s snowing outside?

You’re stuck in that classic dilemma, where if you don’t wear gloves your hands are freezing and if you do and try to text with them on, well, you make texting mistakes worthy of textsfromlastnight.

With “Echo Touch gloves”, you have gloves “engineered specifically with the new wave of technology in mind. Adhered to the index finger and thumb of each glove, our eLink fabric interacts with touch screen devices, making them compatible with the iPod, iPhone, iPad and other touch sensitive digital devices.”

This is exactly the problem that Echo Design has solved, and is the real reason I’m in love with their gloves!

With designer quality and a cool cornucopia of colors (coffee, grey, olive, black, deep blue and rust), they’ve got something for everyone. And, the fact that these marvels are available in four different sizes ensures that they’ll really fit like a…glove.

At a more than reasonable $48, these are well worth the money!

This breakthrough in glove technology (wow, never thought I’d write that), allows you to text in the cold without even changing pace.

It’s the little things companies do that make me smile 🙂 and Echo Design is changing the world, one glove at a time!

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