Posted by Renee Schmidt

Another change Facebook launched last week is the ability to edit comments, instead of having to delete them. In the comment box, you now have the choice of deleting or editing, and when you edit, the comment becomes a text field once again.

If you do make changes and save them, the system will add a small “Edited” tag below your comment to indicate to you and others that there have been changes made. When you hover above the tag, it’ll say “Show edit history,” which will show a history of changes made. This means that while you may correct a comment, the history of the post is still preserved — which should deter jokesters who rewrite their comments.

This is a positive move, but more practical than groundbreaking. Since the history will be preserved, it won’t exactly eliminate embarrassing moments for many people. Nor will the feature be able to conceal evidence, like cyber-bullying, harassment or slander. So far the feature has been positively received by most –me included!