Posted by Renee Schmidt

What is (@Fab)? It’s a unique online marketplace where design is affordable, creative and just downright different.  What’s unique about Fab?

While there are a whole bunch of really innovative parts of Fab which I’ll draw attention to shortly, (besides the items for sale of course), let’s begin with the general concept:

Fab to me is like Etsy meeting Amazon.

The reason I draw attention to these two particular online markets is to relay some facet of Fab through each. Fab is like Etsy in that it has that bazaar feel (no, not bizarre), where you will be comfortable among products like the high end, fully functional, hipster mod typewriter that doubles as a display piece, above. And will also be able to find things like iconic 20th century vintage posters.

But closer to Amazon, Fab has a very solid buying system set up to ease you through the search and purchase process.

Now for some Fab features:

  • The website’s design is perfectly aligned with getting potential consumers excited about Fab items
  • There are huge and lush pictures all over the place
  • The “Ending Soon” section (sales on Fab last for a couple of days, or until items are sold out), lets buyers see what’s going to soon become unavailable; lending the impetus to buy now
  • Then, there’s the “Inspiration” tab which takes you to an array of even bigger pictures
  • And last, but actually my favorite is the “Coming Soon” tab. This shows you what will soon be for sale, with a little information on the seller and a few samples of the product which will become available

Check out Fab for yourself, and let us know what you think!