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Renee Schmidt, Founder & CEO of and consulting firm SheSquad is quoted as an expert source on technology, offering tips on how to clean up your digital life.

June 6, 2014 – Fox Business News

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[Take the time to review who or what you follow online … “We don’t often realize how all the stuff coming at us is shaping our world view,” Schmidt says.]

[“Unless you periodically take a look at your public view on Facebook you don’t have a good idea what you look like to rest of the world,” says Renee Schmidt, founder and chief executive of consulting company SheSquad.]

[Now is also a good time to back up your digital data. Schmidt suggests people backup their data on a quarterly basis whether it’s on a removable hard drive or in the cloud. If you choose a physical back up, experts recommend storing it outside your home or in a fire-proof safe. “People often perform a backup and put the hard drive in their drawer,” says Schmidt. “There’s a flood or a fire and the laptop goes and guess what the drive goes as well.”]