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What happens when LEGO meets; the geeky Lord of the Rings? You guessed it; the destructive Battle of Isengard scene gets reenacted.

At least that’s what happened when the “Master LEGO Building Team OneLUG”, gets together.  Wait a minute!


Anyway, I found this post on GeekOSystem, which when you think about it makes a whole bunch of sense. After all, who else would be reading about this stuff but people who are tremendous geeks…(nervous laugh)

For those of you unfamiliar with the Battle of Isengard scene; it’s basically when two Hobbits (small guys), inspire the Ents (powerful and mobile tree characters), to attack the second worst bad guy; Saruman, in Middle Earth (the whole world).

Well you may be wondering how I know all of that…and I’ve got a big confession to make:

I used to be a HUGE geek.

Now let me just try and clarify that statement with a few details. As a child, my parents started me off building things early with Lincoln Logs. I then graduated to Duplo (which are basically bigger pieces of LEGO, for the less nimble fingered), and swiftly moved into my LEGO phase, accompanied with a little dabbling in K’nex.

I only realized how much of a nerd I had become after it was too late. Combine this passion for building LEGO with the fact that I loved (and still love), reading and you’ve got a kid who not only got the full Harry Potter LEGO Hogwarts castle, as a Hanukah present, but who also read the Tolkien trilogy Lord of the Rings (and may or may not have the DVD box set); somewhere around the 6th Grade.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I feel a lot better!

Well anyway, thankfully I’ve moved on from my LEGO obsession; although I can’t honestly say I’m not nerdy at all. It just gets me upset when people who know that they’re already ridiculously nerdy (ahem…OneLUG), give a bad name to those of us who are geekily inclined.

Additionally; I StumbledUpon the classic costume below, so if you’ve yet to commit to something for Halloween, this is sure to turn some heads:

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