Posted by Renee Schmidt

Ever wonder “is this a friend request to ignore?” Most people have encountered at least one ‘unusual’ Facebook friend request. That said, adding a new friend on Facebook is more strategic than ‘accept’ or ‘ignore.’ After all, admitting someone into your inner circle can also mean exposing them to your private family photos and even your physical coordinates (i.e. Facebook “check-ins”).

Below is a list of seven types of Facebook users you should consider ‘ignoring’ should they hit you up with a Facebook friend request.

  1. Strangers: Recall what mom said, “never talk to strangers.” There’s truth to that; even if ‘talking’ is virtual. As I mentioned above, accepting a friend request from someone you don’t know opens that individual up to your inner life. What if he/she is a con or an escapee from a mental institution? Do you want to take the risk? If you accept a stranger, be sure you’re comfortable with your privacy settings. You may also want to consider using Facebook lists (ex: a general list for people you know and a ‘limited’ list with an abridged view of your personal info for those you don’t personally know).
  2. Your Boss: Your boss doesn’t need to know that you were partying the night before you ‘came down with flu’.  Your boss also shouldn’t see you in a bikini, a little drunk with your friends, or worse, your officemates. That’ll tarnish your professional image. A clear-cut distinction between your personal and professional life means never worrying about tagged photos or what’s written in status updates.
  3. Spammers: They may even be your real acquaintances but an incessant stream of event invites (think event promoters) or product updates in your timeline will get real old, real fast.  Locating and untagging yourself from a photo tagged with 100 other people isn’t fun either.
  4. Politicians: Friending a politician will result in daily press releases, along with status updates on political policies. Unless you know the politician personally, you’re probably not interested.
  5. Your Ex’s New Girlfriend/Boyfriend:  Are you a masochist? Alright, perhaps you’re interested in how the new beaux looks (i.e. compared to you). Or perhaps you haven’t moved on and you want to know the juicy details happening in your ex’s life. STOP. I know, social media and breakups aren’t easy but it isn’t worth it. Choose to forget the ex; be happy instead.
  6. Social Network Butterflies: These are not celebs but they have about 5,000 friends plus a brand new FB account each month. It would be useless to FRIEND them because these are the types that collect friends for the sake of boasting, “ I have 5000 FB friends.” I call them Facebook friend hoarders. Don’t let them hoard a spot on your friend list.
  7. Advocacy Fanatics: If you prefer not to be tagged in a picture of a suffering dolphin, dog, or elephant –or even a cartoon –then avoid, avoid, avoid! There’s nothing wrong with advocacy but what one advocates is a personal choice, not something to be coerced onto a timeline.