Posted by Renee Schmidt

Innovation is an elegant word, but one that we regularly find over-used.

When it comes to products we rely on frequently, there are a bunch of qualifications we hope they meet. They need to be easy to use, reliable, and still be able to impress us after we’ve been using them for a while.

The Genius DX-Eco wireless mouse has all of these traits.

What’s most amazing about this mouse in particular (I know that you’re probably thinking you’ve heard it all), is that it doesn’t use a battery, at all. And no, it’s not solar powered either. Harnessing the capabilities of a gold capacitor, this amazing device requires no batteries, which allows you to feel comfortable doing your part in keeping the world a greener place (that explains the ‘Eco’ portion of the mouse’s name).

Even more astounding is that because the DX-Eco lacks a traditional battery, it only takes 3 minutes to charge the gold capacitor sufficiently for a whole day’s worth of juice!

This breakthrough is an answer to the annoyance of consistently charging wireless computer mice, rendering their wireless capabilities pretty much useless (because yours is always plugged in).

And last but not least is the totally reasonable price tag of $39.99!

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