Posted by Andrew Garde Joia

With the new version of it’s iPhone app, GetHuman makes speaking with a real, human customer service person that much easier, improving the customer experience and relieving customer stress.

If you haven’t yet heard of GetHuman, it’s a free service that helps a customer talk to a real person as quickly and as painlessly as possible. GetHuman turns the tables in your favor, allowing users to automate the process of dealing with automated answering services.

There are few things more frustrating than needing help and getting the run-around, yet most major companies have an entire infrastructure seemingly designed exactly for that purpose. Either you have to navigate countless confusing menu options and keypad conversations, or worse, you have to try and explain your problem, question, or concern to some overly polite robot that will in the end just ask you to leave a message. In a worst-case scenario, you get “please stay on the line, and someone will be with you shortly.” Good-grief! This can be both trying and infuriating, and with a busy schedule, time is a rare commodity not to be wasted on hold.

But when there is a genuine problem or concern that needs to be addressed, GetHuman is there for you. Paul English, Co-Founder and CTO of, started the “Gethuman Movement” because he was fed up with the touch-dial run around and the long waits to talk to a representative. Today, has collected information on over 8,000 companies and developed services to connect you with a real person as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Millions of people have already found:

  • The Best Phone Numbers for Thousands of Companies as voted by customers for quality, communication, and wait time
  • Shortcuts through the Phone Maze so you don’t wait on hold any longer than you have to
  • Have any Company Call You Instead – Just tell GetHuman where to call you, and get back to enjoying your life. The company will call you back in minutes
  • Live & Instant Chat Options with almost any company – often faster and easier than talking
  • The Best Ways to Email for times when calling or chatting isn’t available, or simply not convenient for you
  • Customer Ratings & Trends to find out how a company treats its customers, as reported by the customers themselves
  • Customer & Expert Reviews so you know what you’re in for before you do business with a company, and so you can give others your insight

The best part, of course, is that it’s all free! The new iPhone app is also free, and it’s faster, smoother, and easier to use. The iPhone app is great: it opens right to the search, will let you call from right within the app, and you can even add company numbers directly to your contacts. Save time by getting through to a real person while on the go, and if you can’t get through right away, GetHuman will have them call you.

But what about the Android app? This is where GetHuman seems to have dropped the ball. If you’ve got an Android, it seems you’re out of luck in the app department – it just doesn’t work. Until GetHuman develops a functional Android app, you can still access GetHuman through your phone’s browser with their web-based platform.

Need help? GetHuman! Learn more [via]

Andrew Garde Joia is a freelance writer, business consultant, and web design professional. Actively involved in the New York Startup Technology scene, he is a regular volunteer with Ultralight Startups NYC and is the Managing Director for Customer Relations at Bedphones – The Headphones Designed for Sleep. To find out more about Andrew, visit his About.Me.