Posted by Renee Schmidt

Brace yourself for a new look; Gmail changes are ahead!

Everyone knows that Google is always up to something…this time the tech team is giving their dedicated e-mail product; Gmail, a redesign.  They’ve been testing out the new design by giving users the ‘option’ to try the new look.

As an aside, Google is one of SheBytes’ favorite companies.  Because of this, we post a lot about the radical reinvention constantly going on at Google. We’ve profiled everything about the company from Marissa Mayer, Google’s first female engineer, to a fun and creative use of Google Maps, and even Google’s giant, dessert inspired statues outside of their main office… awesome and delicious!

So when I heard about Google’s intention to give Gmail a new look I had to get a sneak peak.

My favorite feature changes are:

  • Flexible New Interface.  Automatically adjusting to screen/window size, this allows you to maintain a consistent Gmail set up, no matter what device you are on.
  • Gmail Search. Google’s specialty; search of course! With the update to Gmail, you will be able to search both your mailbox and the web from the same search bar. The changes will also allow you to search using cleverly designed filters, straight from the mail search bar, making locating those precious emails much more continuous.
  • Message Display. Always one of Google’s strong suits, making technology less complicated and more human. You can “now choose how many messages are on your screen at a time by choosing from three different display densities: Comfortable, Cozy and Compact.”
  • Vibrant Themes. You can now customize your Gmail background to give your mailbox a personal, high definition feel that you get to choose!

Let us know what you think about Gmail’s changes, in the comments below!

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