Posted by Renee Schmidt

Google will acquire Motorola Mobility!  There’s been a huge amount of internet activity surrounding the announcement on Monday. 

Our friends at Engadget did a great post on the breaking news; which we borrowed the above picture from, but I would like to expand on the acquisition further.

Amongst Google’s impressive and very pricey acquisitions list is little know companies such as YouTube and Android. This shows that Google really has a knack for making quality decisions that pay huge returns in the end.

That being said; Motorola Mobility’s estimated value of “$12.5 billion” is going to be a BIG deal. Google has to really revolutionize Motorola’s current style if they’re going to make good ROI.

SheBytes did a thorough post recently titled “Is BlackBerry the New Motorola?” This article’s intention was to show BlackBerry that if they don’t change their game up enough; they will become just a passing fad, like Motorola devices were in the late 90’s early 00’s.

Apparently Google thinks that Motorola’s got more to say and time to stay, otherwise they wouldn’t be so eager to pay such a pretty penny for the phone company.

Let’s hope that Google really takes the reigns here and changes Motorola for the better…