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Want to keep a diary but don’t know what to write?  There’s an app for that!  Introducing Grid Diary, a new app for keeping a diary. It asks you questions to inspire your inner journalist.

Keeping a diary is a great way to document your life. By writing down your story, it often feels as though you’re writing yourself into history, capturing a piece of yourself for the sake of posterity with the added accouterment of your very own literary quips and flourishes.

For most, however, deciding what to write often proves to be an insurmountable obstacle, not to mention the pain of carrying around your journal and writing implements. For those of us that know we should keep a journal, but struggle to fill those blank pages, the clever folks over at Sumi Interactive Studio have developed another gem that is just what we need.

Grid Diary (currently on sale for only 99¢ at the AppleStore) is a new way to approach journaling. Instead of having to worry about what to write, Grid Diary will prompt you with questions about your day, and your answers get logged into your very own interactive cloud-based journal. Pick questions you want to answer from Grid Diary’s question library, or write your own personalized questions about your family or job, your exercise routines or your daily inspirations – it’s up to you! And with Grid Diary’s reminder settings, you will get into the habit of keeping a journal in no time.

Grid Diary’s great features include:

  • Question format diary
  • Questions library for your daily inspirations
  • Personalizable questions
  • Calendar view
  • Portrait and landscape mode
  • Full text search
  • Reminder and notifications
  • Passcode lock
  • Sync data (via iCloud)
  • Export in text or PDF format
  • Share with Email

And according to Sumi Interactive, you can look forward to iPad and Mac support, photo attachements, full backup and restore options, and Evernote and Dropbox integration – all coming soon.

With Grid Diary, even in the cloud, your data is secure and private. So, what are you waiting for? Check out Grid Diary today, and tell us what you think!

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