Posted by Renee Schmidt

GroupShot is an easy to use group shot app that helps you turn an ordinary group photo into an impressive photograph.

Group photos are among the most taken photographs, followed closely by portraits. If you spend a couple of hours navigating Instagram or Facebook, you will find out that almost one out of every three photos is a group shot. We like to share our memories with others; one likely reason we like having others in their photos.

Although photo editing and shooting technology has improved dramatically in the last decade, group photos still lack the attention from tech developers they deserved. Taking a group photo still requires much hard work to catch the perfect moment. You’d want everyone facing the camera, smiling and probably saying ‘cheese’. Sometimes, you may have to take a dozen photos before you get everyone to face the camera and render perfect emotion at the same time.

Nevertheless, photo enthusiasts couldn’t have asked for a better new year’s present after Macadamia released their first ever GroupPhoto fixer application. First of its kind in the photo world, GroupShot is a modern iPhone app where groups of people can take group shot and not worry about finding one of the people in the picture ruining the entire group shot.

If you think you’ve captured the perfect group photo (apart from your little sister’s strange expression), you can just swap her face with a smiling photo taken in the same sequence. All you have to do is to swipe your finger over her face in the GroupShot app and replace it her face from another photo. Similarly, you can take multiple photos and then use them to create a magical group photo with everyone smiling and striking their best pose.

A common problem with group photos is that the person behind the camera is always left out of the picture. However, you don’t have to remain outside the group shot anymore. The GroupShot app enables a collection of photo segments of a group or groups to be assembled into one perfect photo without doing any editing. Swap photographers, take two shots, and blend them into one edited memory. All the “photoshopping” happens right on your app, right on your smartphone –no tech savvy needed.

GroupShot provides a technology that can help you improve your photo gallery, sans Photoshop. Learn more at GroupShot.

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