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We love Technology and with Halloween only a short time away (October 31st), we decided to bring you a brief list of exciting tech gadgets that will make it very hard for your friends and family to forget this Halloween!

The least organized of us are rushing to the stores to pick up our costumes and last minute party decorations.  Make sure you don’t forget to stock up on your gadget needs as well 🙂 

Creepy Toilet Paper Holder

Here we have a standard size toilet paper holder which runs on batteries and makes creepy howling, moaning, and screaming sounds. A great accessory for those of us hosting a Halloween party this year, or others just tempted to get back at a sibling for all those Halloween pranks over the years. $6.49: [via]

Bloody Butcher Heart

For more advanced Halloweener, a very realistic looking gadget: a  saran-wrapped up bloody heart that makes beating sounds while moving in sync. Great to put in the fridge near the beer stacks for a pleasant surprise for those feeling thirsty throughout the night. $19.99 [via]

Bubble Fog Machine  

One of the most creative halloween gadgets we have seen in while, a “Bubble Fog Machine” . It creates fog filled bubbles, that release fog when they burst by touching the ground or an object, creating for a super spooky atmosphere. $89.95: [via]

 Axe Killer DVD

Not really a gadget of its own but its a DVD that creates a very realistic illusion of an axe killer trying to break through a steel door. There are extras you can purchase in addition to create a “door prop”,  you could also play it on any of your TV/LCD/Computer screens to create a haunted house atmosphere. $59.95: [via]

The Vortex Tunnel 

The pricey tag on this product makes it more appropriate for a business related purchase, however it’s truly an amazing construction. It’s a real life size rotating tunnel, that makes it very hard keeping your balance while walking through; creating an illusion of being in outter space. Pretty cool! $7,877.00: [via]

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