Posted by Renee Schmidt

If you think 3D printing is just a fantasy, think again. Learn how 3D printing works; making modern printers able to print 3D models using additive techniques.

3D printing is commonly defined as the means of creating three dimensional solid objects from a digital model. 3D printing applies additive manufacturing techniques. Quite unlike the conventional machining process where material is removed through cutting or carving, the additive manufacturing used in 3D printing sets layers upon layers to create a three dimensional image.

How 3D Printing Works

Firstly, an input is taken as a virtual image. This virtual image is then divided into horizontal layers. These are virtual layers but you can see them take one solid three dimensional form cumulatively as the 3D printer applies the layers in the respective order, one upon the other until the 3D shape has taken form. So it can be said that 3D printing actually uses the concept of 2D printing to its advantage.

The Future of 3D printing

3D printing technology will take the manufacturing industry to new heights. As of now, plastic, PVC, aluminum and Titanium have been tested in 3D printers. This means we can already create/print objects using these materials using a 3D printer. The best thing about these printers is that they, quite literally, have the ability to print themselves!

This new printing revolution can actually change the world. With the way 3D printing works, will be able to print instead of manufacture. It sounds sci-fi but very cool!

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