Posted by Renee Schmidt

Having an SEO friendly website pays off in the long run.  Here’s a simple ‘how to,’ because nothing beats ranking on page # 1 organically!  Not only does it drive business; it will also save you lots of money on ad spend!

But if you don’t trust SheBytes, then maybe you’ll take it from the expert SEO team at Blue Fly, a leading SEO company based here out of NYC. In a superb article on their site titled; “Tips in Setting up an SEO Friendly Website”, they go through a huge array of things to do when making your website (to lend it to SEO and boost your company’s ranking on Google).

While the whole article’s excellent, I’m going to focus in on my top two tips:

1.  “Start With a Good Domain Name”: Although this may seem to be an easy and almost self-evident tip, it’s actually pretty difficult. When conceptualizing a domain name (web address), make sure that the name is not only catchy and memorable; so potential clients will use you; but think about Google. If the site name is in no way relevant to the services your business provides (for instance; a made up word), it’ll be immensely more difficult initially to perform well through SEO.

 2.  “Writing Good, Unique Content”: Once you have your website up and running, a crucial element is the content. I would even say that this is the most crucial element. Don’t be afraid of expanding what you think your website should have on it. In addition to the necessary content, be adventurous and create content that’s original; while still relevant. A great way to do this is to blog (commit to once a month), about the industry you’re in, which will give your site a dynamic SEO boost!

If all else fails, you can just learn how to choose an SEO company!  They can do all the leg-work for you… for a fee.

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