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If you’re motivated to better yourself and the world, check out Everest, an app that helps you reach personal goals. According to the markers, “Everyone has their Everest. We help you climb yours.”

With Everest, figuring out how to reach your goals is all about focus and baby steps. You can add an unlimited number of goals, but you can only choose up to three to focus on. From there, you can break down each goal into baby steps so you can achieve something each day and set reminders to help you get into the habit of taking certain steps to reach the goals you set.

Everest also allows you to take pictures as you reach milestones, as well as upload quotes, tips, and reflections to share your journey with others. If you see someone going for a goal you’d also like to achieve, you can copy their steps so you have a ready-to-go action plan. Users can challenge one another to reach their goals and support one another through encouraging comments.

So what kind of goals can you achieve with Everest? You can pick something small like learning to cook a recipe or huge like writing your first novel. You can also choose an ongoing goal, like meditating ten minutes each day or exercising three times per week. Learn to speak a language, pay off your loans, travel to a foreign country, run a marathon, or start a business…all staying motivated with Everest.

What I really like about Everest is that it helps you stay accountable to work toward your goals. Often, I’ve found that just telling me friends I’m going to do something makes me more likely to do that thing. Promises to myself don’t count! So with Everest, you’ve got a whole community of people who are also working on bettering themselves.

There’s also a social media aspect, so you can send out your goal updates via Facebook and Twitter, instead of only connecting with people in the app community. This allows you to share you successes and failures, even if your friends aren’t also using Everest.

Will every help you live your dream? If you’re struggling to get started or work through the hardest parts, this app may be able to help you. All you have to ask yourself is this: what do you want to achieve?

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