Posted by Jesse Braunstein

SheBytes has been closely tracking the iPhone 5, which we think will hit shelves sometime in September 2011.

There’s recently been much online activity surrounding the forthcoming iPad 3…

Although nobody knows for sure, according to Forbes, we should buckle up for “an early 2012 release” of Apple’s next generation tablet; the iPad 3.

This news gets SheBytes pretty excited, as we can’t wait to see what goodies Apple has in store for its latest product.

That being said, the real people who should be excited are the ones who work at Apple.

The New York Times recently did an article on the iPad titled “Tablet Buyers Only Want the iPad”.

While the graph’s pretty self-explanatory, I thought a quote would really drive the message home:

95 percent” of those surveyed on tablet preferences were recorded as “choosing the Apple iPad”!!

I’ve just got one more thing to say: