Posted by Renee Schmidt

While SheBytes has been tracking and hoping for the iPhone 5 for some time now, we’ve got some great news:

Apple will announce the iPhone 5 on October 4th!

This news comes in the wake of a recent announcement by “Apple CEO Tim Cook” (we miss you Steve), and has got us pretty damn excited. Even giddy I might say.

Now even though the mockup above is wishful thinking at best and little more than ridiculous; hey, it never hurts to dream…So although the actual day you’ll be able to get one of these suckers is still unsure; SheBytes is betting that at most it’ll be two weeks after the release date, which would put us in mid-October; around the 18th(-ish?)

This means that no matter what, you should be able to have a brand new iPhone 5 in your pocket in less than a month, making this “the final countdown”:

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