Posted by Renee Schmidt

Since all the way back in April, SheBytes has been watching the iPhone 5 reporting on all the latest mockups!

Well, we haven’t been watching it directly, per se, but after the white iPhone 4, we’ve been observing and monitoring the internet buzz and literally countless rumors that have emerged, as we approach its imminent release.

So I’m going to let these pictures do the talking. As they wow you, bear in mind they’re only mockups based on the “specs” (another word for speculation), case developers have gotten:


What that doesn‘t mean, is that the edge to edge screen and ultra-thin design isn’t ridiculously sexy!!

Will the iPhone 5 have NFC?

Few know, and fewer would tell, but at least we have these awesome mockups to whet our appetite, further boost AAPL stock and get us pumped, for a prospective September release!