Posted by Renee Schmidt

According to a Business Insider post, tumblr will be worth a billion dollars next year! But, wait: What is “tumblr.”?!

Not to be confused with StumbleUpon, which made me originally think that tumblr was called stumblr, tumblr is of course another online social media service. Tumblr proves that social media; interactive sharing online, is here to stay and can be (and already is), a MASSIVE business.

Tumblr is set to be the next big thing with huge and rapid growth. Since its launch in 2007, it is now the 10th biggest social media site, measured in web traffic.

For those of you who still have no clue of what tumblr is, try to think of it as a cross between an extremely easy to use blog, with a follow RSS feed function so you can keep tabs on all of your friends and favorite celebrities, musicians, organizations and more.

While tumblr lists 30 reasons why you should sign up, SheBytes is going to give you two:

  1. Nothing You Don’t Want”: There are absolutely no advertisements, web banners, or content that you wouldn’t choose to see yourself, specifically because tumblr as a whole is a made to fit type of social media tool. Everything you’ll see will be something you chose yourself!
  2. Post Anything”: When tumblr say’s ‘anything’, they mean it. This includes text, photos, quotes, links, audio, video, slideshows and more.

I found the biggest advantage tumblr had over other social media sites to be its immediately intuitive ease of use. Everything is right there at your fingertips. Nothing is circuitous. The design is clean cut and kind of groovy. And best of all, nothing pesters you because you’re in charge!

Keep your eyes open for SheBytes’ own tumblr page, currently in the works…

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