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On the hunt for a job?  Social media self promotion can help!  With the current state of the job market, it’s natural for people who are about to enter the workforce and for the unemployed to panic. SheBytes wants to tell you one small thing:

Calm Down!

Even though the unemployment rate is still somewhere over 9%; I believe everything can be made positive if it is approached and responded to correctly. We don’t get to choose the times we live in, or the things that happen to us; but it is always in our power to react in a way which will better ourselves.

All that a high unemployment rate means is that jobseekers need to do their absolute best to stand out. Sure there’s going to be more competition as there are more applicants and fewer spots; so here are a couple of things you can (need), to do to stay ahead.

Forbes’ Kerry Hannon (@KerryHannon) says that harnessing Social Media is the key to getting the attention you deserve when looking for a job.

And Kerry, I couldn’t agree more!

So here are my top two tips, from Forbes’ “Job-hunting? Facebook, LinkedIn and You –Six Social Media Tips” that are sure to lend a hand:

1.  Become a LinkedIn member: Now although this may seem like an almost too obvious step, for getting yourself noticed in the job market; it’s constantly overlooked. Because of the digitization that has put us in the information age, one of the first things a future employer will do when even thinking about giving you an interview is Google you. If nothing whatsoever comes up; it’s sort of a red flag. Now the boss is thinking: “Why doesn’t she have a Facebook, a Twitter or even a LinkedIn I can check out?” With LinkedIn, you give yourself a completely digital profile, work resume and can show that you are engaged online in building a network; all vital to making the best possible first impression, even prior to meeting.

Already have profiles for the Holy Trinity (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), of Social Media sites? Check out About.Me and further personalize your online self!

2.  Tap into virtual job fairs: Now that you’ve established a well-rounded online presence, start engaging. If you do a Google Search for job fairs in your area; the information will all be right there. You can really make sure that your time is well spent by doing research on various different job fairs and focusing on those that are specific to your skill set/industry.

Hope this helps…Let the hunt begin!

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