Posted by Renee Schmidt

If you live in the NYC area, you probably complain about the NYC Subway, the LIRR and Metro North. You’ve likely missed a train because it arrived too early or were late to an appointment because it arrived late. A study last year showed that only 71% of riders reached the train on time +/- 5 minutes.

It’s nothing unique to New York City, it happens in almost every metropolis in the world. The same thing happens in Europe and in Asia. No one really knows when a train or bus will arrive.

There’s a solution; it’s a new app called KarmaME. The app is making it debut in the NYC area and when there are enough users (we predict that to be soon), people will be able see where their next train is (so they can hurry from or relax at the nearest café). This app shows you exactly where your train is located so you’re sure to catch it as soon as it arrives.

KarmaMe data is crowdsourced; it works much like a GPS locator. That’s why the more people who download this app, the more effective it will be. All one has to do is download the application and turn on their smartphones while riding on the train. The app will locate exactly where the train is and send pings to KarmaME servers. The servers then determine the exact location of the train and feed this information back to those who are waiting for it.

The app shows your GPS coordinates with a golden star. Blue dots are where the trains are located and you have the option of clicking on whatever train station you choose. Thus, you can click a blue dot and it could be the “Avenue U Station” if that’s the station you’re looking for.

If you’re on a train and you decide to turn the app on, you’ll also see some orange dots.  Those indicate you’re near a ‘food deal.’ You can redeem a food deal wherever you are by making a purchase. So if it’s Pizza you’re in the mood for, you may be able to snag a slice at 70% off (all whilst doing others the favor of indicating your GPS coordinates –i.e. so they know where’s the nearest train!).

This is one of the very first apps that depend entirely on its user base for functionality (i.e. KarmaME relies on the collective to do good for the sake of the community!).

KarmaME is available on Android, with iPhone functionality coming soon. Right now the app is  operational if you live in NYC, New Jersey and MA; however, if people are coorpative enough, KarmaME will work globally (or wherever there’s a collective desire for it). Learn more about KarmaME by visiting the site at KarmaME.