Posted by Renee Schmidt

This “Link Round Up” is going to be different!

Sure, we’ll kick it off with a picture of an adorable animal, like we always do, but this time SheBytes pays tribute to a wide array of blogs that we read, draw inspiration from and consistently turn to in hours of procrastination.

They’ve made us smile, cry, think and wonder, and have inspired us to change our lives…

So below, in no particular order is a list of our all-time favorite tech and business blogs, and reasons we love them!

  1. Engadget Quantity (around 20 posts a day!!) and quality tech pieces!
  2. CuteGeek “The Female Perspective” on everything from tech to inspiration
  3. TenTechnologies Crystal clear focus on the hottest “gadgets and gizmos”
  4. Social Triggers Uber helpful SMB posts blending psychology and economics
  5. Digital Inspiration I can’t get enough of their “How-To Guides”!
  6. Women With Drive Superb charity and equally inspiring blog on women
  7. TechEBlog Cars, tech and luxury…what else is there in life anyway?
  8. Crain’s New York Perfect posts on across the board NY business developments
  9. Gizmodo Hip and humorous; gotta love “the gadget guide”
  10. Bloomberg Businessweek Market news and my favoriteInnovation” section!
  11. Jason Slater Technology UK man on a mission; bring tech stories to the masses
  12. Entrepreneur Concurrently inspiring, amazing and insightful, vital to all entrepreneurs!
  13. Mashable Wide range of entertaining posts that practically read themselves
  14. Lady Geek The fun, feminine side of the techie-verse
  15. FoxBusiness Relevant, reliable and nearly immediate news & business resource
  16. Nadzrul Self-proclaimed “Technology Rockstar”…need I say more?
  17. MykeTech Well versed in diverse topics including tech, SEO and money
  18. 37 Signals Learn from the tech startup that’s making a dent; 37 Signals!
  19. CrunchGear Ultimate tech gear center for the necessary and the whimsical
  20. Erica.Biz Grow your business, one step at a time with clear wisdom from Erica
  21. GigaOM Talk about relevant, GigaOM’s got it all!
  22. Small Business Trends Chart your SMB’s course with the help of experts
  23. The Next Web Great site name, even greater blog…culture posts too 😉
  24. TechCrunch Outstanding and pertinent tech writing!
  25. David Daniels = SheBytes “superfan”, SheBytes= David Daniels “superfan”
  26. Young Entrepreneur One stop shop for crucial self-starter content
  27. BGR Most awesome slogan; “The Three Biggest Letters In Tech
  28. NPR Yeah, they blog too!
  29. SlashGear Tech possessed? Meet the “tech obsessed”…
  30. Duct Tape Marketing Original thinking, creative marketing blogging
  31. Wired Sheer excellence! One of the few magazines I subscribe to
  32. The Unofficial Apple Weblog Where else is SheBytes going to get its Apple fix?!
  33. Ubergizmo Posts that get you excited about the latest tech toys
  34. JoeHobot Former founder of, Joe knows tech blogging
  35. Entreprenista Feminine take on the wild world of entrepreneurs
  36. Small Business Search Marketing Matt McGee knows what he’s talking about!
  37. TechnoBuffalo “Immerse Yourself in Technology”, don’t’ you worry…we will 😉
  38. Andy Wibbels Regular guy; expert at dissecting tech and marketing

 Thanks friends!  We don’t know where we ‘d draw inspiration from without you!