Posted by Renee Schmidt

  1. Nothing is impossible… how do I know? Because (and Audrey Hepburn) told me so.  And I happen to think the ladies over at TLS know a thing or two about a thing or two.  
  2. iPad 2 not charging when you plug it in via USB?  It’s happened to me!  And everyone else, apparently: read about it here via
  3. If you enjoyed today’s Spring Cleaning post mentioning the importance of Data Backup, check out this story about Avoiding Idetity Theft  on Don’t become a statistic!  
  4. I briefly mentioned AAPL’s earnings in yesterday’s post on the iPhone 5 launch for Fall 2011. Mashable recaps Apple’s fiscal details here: In other words, AAPL is rolling in dough  
  5. Positively awesome article from TechCrunch: from the hormonal perspective, social media is a lot like falling in love – no wonder we do it for hours, and hours, and hours… I guess we don’t need relationships; all we need is social media.  Wait,  didn’t I say that in my quote of the day?   
  6. T-Mobile held a beach-themed launch event on NYC’s west-side for T-Mobile’s latest G2x Phone and G-Slate Tablet. posted some fabulous photos [here].  
  7. Sometimes we all just need to stop and smell the roses (or Cherry Blossom’s, in this case).  Awesome photos of Tokyo’s Cherry Blossom Season, posted by Japan has been through so much; this is wonderful! 
  8. Holding out for the HTC Droid Incredible 2 on Verizon?  It’s been officially announced for release on April 28th – as seen on  
  9. Off-beat news: posted an article about a New Zealand supermarket that accidentally opened for business with no employees on duty – a SUPER WILD computer glitch!   
  10. Photos of 12 Awesome Classic Typewriters: I’m way too young to remember these but it’s a pretty incredible throwback via