Posted by Cynthia Sycip

Men and women have really never understood each other. Well now, women have an app called the “Manscanner” to help them find that one ideal man they (and their mothers and grandmothers) have always dreamed they’d have and hold.

Thanks to technology, one click on your cell phone and it can perform a mentalist’s job of analyzing (manalyzing) a man and revealing his deepest darkest secrets. Forget purchasing books about relationships or tips about “How to Communicate and Understand Men” –this app is the end-all to that.

The Manscanner spells out the man type for you – much like profiling. With one click, and a short analysis, you’ll find out in seconds if the man before you is a poser, a mama’s boy, drama queen or your ideal dreamboat.

The app also serves as a safe self-defense weapon against unwanted advances. Suppose you’re sitting alone at a bar, waiting for a friend to arrive, and a shady stranger interrupts to say “hello.”  Use your Manscanner and toggle the “analyzed.” If you set the outcome to ‘Negative,’ Manscanner will produce the perfect reason not to get chummy with him. Flash your phone and show him why and he’ll run the other way.  This application is the ultimate women’s revenge against men who are too brusque, rude and uncouth!  Suppose you like him though, toggle to ‘Always Positive’ and the manalyzer will show you why he’s the one.

When you’re done ‘manaylzing’ don’t forget to share your latest “manscans” on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Multiply and PinInterest –so you can show off your latest dreamboat to make other women turn green with envy.

Does this app end of the battle of the sexes? It’s questionable –despite technology, the heart always prevails –but even so, it’s a FUN app for your phone!

Women have JumpViva Entertainment to thank for this wonderful app, which can be used with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Download it here.