Posted by Renee Schmidt

I spent some time at Verizon this morning helping a client port her number from a T-Mobile Android to a Verizon iPhone. The real fun began when we couldn’t transfer 2,400 contacts off the Droid’s SIM card. Needless to say, I wish we had the ConXfer App!

ConXfer is a patent pending wireless, mobile to mobile secure contacts transfer application. It simplifies the process of securely transferring a user’s contact and mobile business cards from one device to another using WiFi or Bluetooth.

Mental picture: ConXfer lets you securely transfer the contact lists from one mobile device to another using Wifi or Bluetooth!

ConXfer also makes physical business cards a thing of the past. The password-protected app allows you to eliminate the printing and costs of physical business cards by letting you wirelessly transmit your own electronic business card from your mobile device to another user in your vicinity.

(Speaking of technologically advanced business cards, check out this business card breakdown or what I tout as the best business card ever.)

Transfer contact lists with finesse and make carrying business cards to industry events, meetings or while traveling on business, a thing of the past! Users can now download ConXfer for FREE!

Here’s the best part: the app was developed by a wholly woman-owned business! We love women tech entrepreneurs!

Aferdita Muriqi, Founder and CEO of the ADEV LAB & STUDIO (@adevLab), developed ConXFer via her innovative mobile development company. Aferdita is a tech industry leader with over 17 years experience in a variety of Senior Software Engineering and VP of Engineering positions. She’s specialized in software product analysis, design and development and has extensive experience in internet, ecommerce, social networking and custom mobile applications.

Aferdita, ConXFer: we are impressed! Learn more.