Posted by Renee Schmidt

The Moments app uses geo-location and push notifications to passively reconnect old photos with locations, helping you and those you care about to relive favorite memories.

We don’t remember days, months, or years. We remember moments. And for when we don’t, there’s now an app for that. Instead of posting, sharing, or checking-in; what if you were reminded? Moments is an app that reminds you of the memories that are most important to you. With the Moments App, when you pass by places that you have been to, Moments sends you a push notification. You can then relive and share your special moment with the friends and family who were with you at the time.

Say it’s the first time you’re back at the Golden Gate since college, using location-based technology, Moments will send you a reminder and pull up the photos you took and the friends that were with you so that you can revisit your memory and create a new moment together. Your friends will even receive a private link on their Facebook wall that only they can see.

With geo-location and push notifications, the Moments App helps you and those you care about relive memories. By passively reconnecting photos with location, Moments reminds you of what really matters in life and can reconnect you to the people that are most important to you. All you need to do to get started is to just download the free app and connect it with Facebook. For folks who do not have Facebook or whom do not wish to connect with Facebook, Moments will be releasing updates for other services such as Flickr, Instagram and etc, in their upcoming updates, so stay tuned.

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