Posted by Renee Schmidt

We all love Netflix.  Well, not all.  Some of us Hate it… but only because we love it so much!

This may seem to be a daring statement, unheard in the last few weeks of turmoil, after the company’s decision to raise subscription costs. According to Business Insider, Netflix plans to “hike prices up to 60 percent”!

Because of this strong current of Netflix negativity, I felt it appropriate to point out reasons why in fact, we all love Netflix:

  1. If you don’t have your own Netflix subscription, you’re definitely envious of your friends’
  2. Netflix’s ability to supply you with an unlimited number of movies, to your door, at prices cheaper than your monthly milk bill
  3. Netflix’s introduction, revolutionized the movie rental industry (R.I.P. Blockbuster), by allowing users to rent physical movies without even stepping outside
  4. As technology advances, the name of the game is convenience and practicality. Netflix oozes those two adjectives and is a role model for a simple concept grown into a massive business
  5. With your subscription you can stream loads of movies and HBO series right from your computer!

Even after all is said and done, Netflix’s announcement racked up a daunting “66,000 negative responses on…Facebook…in 3 days,” I’m still a fan. 

To me personally, this exhibits one fact which is the basis for the recent Netflix hating:

Because Netflix offered a product so overly outstanding, at such ridiculously low prices, the world actually loves Netflix “like a fat kid love cake”. The world’s backlash is a result of fear. We just can’t imagine going back to the way things were, before Netflix came into being…