Posted by Renee Schmidt

New iPhone is in the rumor mill. Every tech blogger is talking about it. With some factories reported to have started production, it seems the rumor has legs. 

The New iPhone has been gathering lot of rumor ever since 9to5Mac leaked its photos to the internet. Although the phone was only a prototype meant for design testing, it certainly gave tech bloggers something to talk about.

Plenty of factors suggest that a next-gen iPhone will be released this September. As Samsung is expecting to sell 10 million units of Galaxy S III by the end of this month, chances are that Apple will release its phone to match these dates. If Apple launches at the right time, it may be able to interrupt Samsung’s plans with the Galaxy S III launch.

What’s with stockpiling the nano sims?

European carriers have already begun stockpiling nano sims, according to the Financial Times. The magazine related the stocking of nano sims to the release of the iPhone 5 because the same thing happened at the time of the iPhone 4 release (with micro sims).

Is iPhone already in production?

CNET recently reported that the new iPhone production has already begun in Shanghai. Many industry specialists and analysts are already saying the new iPhone will be out in September. A popular Apple blog, AppleInsider, claims that Apple has already planned the launch for September. The blog also claims that Apple will soon announce the release date.

Alibaba (Japan) has already started selling iPhone 5 cases. The reason these iPhone cases are coming out is obvious. There is no chance that a large manufacturer will be selling huge quantities of iPhone 5 cases without confirming production first. Check out the the iPhone 5 cases on Alibaba Japan.

Features expected in new iPhone

I’ve already said the new iPad 3 indicates functionality of the iPhone 5. The new iPhone is expected to have many new features including powerful processor with Quad Core ARM technology. DigiTimes has claimed that the new iPhone processor will be based on Samsung’s Exynos 4 architecture. We know one thing for sure; the new iPhone will be extremely fast!

  • NFC Capabilities: The new iPhone is also expected to have all the Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities. With Android adopting these chips, there are possibilities that Apple will also embrace this new technology to boost mobile ecommerce. There can’t be a better time to adopt it than NOW with new iPhone release.
  • A smaller dock: According to Reuters, the new iPhone will have a smaller dock connector. The 30-pin port will be changed into a 19-pin port. Apple will be able to move headphone jack to the bottom of the phone since a smaller connector will leave space for a 3.5mm jack.
  • Thinner screen: The new iPhone is expected to have ‘in-cell technology’ to make screen thinner. Sharp and LG already use ‘in-cell technology for LCDs.
  • 16:9 aspect ratio and an HD front facing camera: New iPhone will have 16:9 aspect ratio and a HD front facing camera, according to a report from KGI analyst Mingchi Kuo.

The next-gen iPhone will probably be released in September but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Since a company in Shanghai has begun production, we must be pretty close to release. On the other hand, Apple is silent on the release date. It hasn’t responded to inquiries from tech bloggers, including big-wigs (who usually get a reply) such as CNET.