Posted by Renee Schmidt

Haven’t heard of NoMoreRack yet?!

SheBytes has previously profiled other online deal sites like, but NoMoreRack is different because of the amazingly discounted prices you’ll become accustomed to seeing. Most items for sale are listed next to a savings percentage, usually above fifty percent, showing you just how great a deal you’re getting.

What I love personally about the website is the simple and easily approachable feel it gives its users. Every day, eight deals are posted at exactly 12pm. The deal continues until the amount of that particular item is sold out. Once the quantity available runs out, the deal is no longer accessible, but NoMoreRack cleverly keeps the item posted to show shoppers what they missed while they were away.

The types of goods on NoMoreRack range from women’s shoes, home goods, winter hats and Blu-Ray players, with the central theme being the opportunity to save lots of cash on products you want.

Although I don’t want to encourage distractions at work, I highly recommend getting hooked on NoMoreRack and keeping it open as a tab while you’re at work. This way, you’ll never miss out on a great discount or one of their ‘Insanity Deals’; which offer incredible savings in extremely limited numbers.

It’s extremely easy to get started. Check out NoMoreRack here, and after entering an email and password, you’ll be ready to start saving.

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