Posted by Renee Schmidt

The way a company decides to represent itself becomes a vital part of who they are.

The image of the exterior the organization projects, must be a reflection of the company’s interior mission and will be crucial in times of hiring, expanding, sales, marketing and of course branding.

I’ve chosen two companies who have really gone all the way with this idea and have harnessed office décor to its full potential:

Fab and Seamless


Briefly, Fab is a website that sells, modern, hipster, mostly design inclined products at reasonable prices in a daily deal, first come first serve basis (like the orange banana above).

The company has seen recent growth, which is certainly connected to the creative and original environment its office fosters and the impact this décor has on the employees’ initiatives.


Seamless is an online food delivery service which makes finding, ordering and eating food from your favorite restaurants a real snap.

While I prefer to let the pictures do the talking, I’d like to put in a quick word here. What I find fascinating about the two sets of company photos above is how much they differ and more importantly, how much they resonate with one another.

Seamless’ office is all about the high tech, slightly funky and food oriented environment (check out that kitchen!). On the other hand, Fab has boiled the artsy, young thrill seeker setting down to a creative stew.

But what both of these company’s have understood is the importance of portraying a strong and individualistic self-image, to above-all; company employees.  They also seem highly trained in desk decluttering; everything is so organized!

It is crucial that company founders, startups and entrepreneurs spend time focusing on who exactly the company is (what I call the soul of the company). Only when the employees themselves have a firm and comfortable grasp on the company brand image, will they be able to further that brand, build its followers and foster its growth, all in the name of the company.

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