Posted by Renee Schmidt

The Slice app makes it easy to manage all of your online purchases. Simply sync your email inbox and Slice pulls information from your e-receipts and organizes it into a single place, so all the information you need is consolidated, automatically updated and easily accessible at any time.

Online shopping makes life easier for consumers, but it also comes with its share of inefficiencies. Ever searched your inbox for an order confirmation or e-receipt, only to find it buried in your spam folder? Perhaps even more frustrating is the frantic search for an elusive tracking number. The Slice app was designed with these inconveniences in mind, so you can keep tabs on everything you’ve bought online without the headache of trying to manually dig through your digital records.

Package Tracking
Missed deliveries are a huge pain. There’s a whole song and dance involved in trying to be home for what you think MIGHT be the delivery window, only to twiddle your thumbs, give up and ultimately find yourself faced with a missed delivery slip yet again. The Slice app automatically tracks your in-progress shipments and sends you push notifications when your shipments are coming, along with a description of what’s in the package, so you know exactly what to expect. With the Track with Friends feature, you can even send customized notifications to recipients—plus or minus the details of what’s inside, so you don’t ruin the surprise.

Detailed Purchase Information
It’s no fun task to keep track of how much you’ve spent, but Slice makes coming to terms with this a bit less painful. After syncing with your inbox, Slice generates a helpful and easy-to-navigate profile of your spending, broken down by type of purchase, so you can see precisely how much you’ve spent in various categories, including travel and entertainment, health and beauty, electronics, apparel and accessories, tickets and events, books and music.

By looking at your history, you can also get instant access to a list of everything you’ve ever bought—down to the sizing of a specific pair of jeans, the details of a Groupon purchase or the perfume you bought your mom for her birthday last year.

Price Drop Alerts
The Slice app can even help you to save some money, which we know is no easy task. Price Drop Alerts send you a notification when an item you’ve purchased has recently dropped in price and you’re eligible to recoup the difference. Once you receive a price drop alert, the app guides you through the steps you need to take in order to get your money back!

Returns Made Easy
The Slice app even consolidates e-receipts to make returns easier, then takes it one step further by giving you other crucial information at a glance, including the retailer’s return policy details, customer service number and the order number that corresponds with your purchase. You have everything you need to make a return, so no more excuses for holding onto items that you don’t actually want!

The Slice app is a must-have productivity app that will help you to save time, money and your sanity as you navigate the world of online shopping. It’s a must-have as 2013 kicks off and you try to stick to your resolutions, whether those are to get organized, keep track of our budget or be more mindful of what you purchase.

The Slice app is available as a free app for iOS and Android. Or visit slice for more information.