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SheBytes is pretty geeky.  I am NERD –so what!  So is Pac-Man 🙂 But what’s geekier than a break down of its history?

Pretty much every technology blog we adore has got that slight nerd feel, coupled with a simultaneously modern but nostalgic façade and we’re proud to share the same ambience.

So as an aspiring tech blog, SheBytes felt that it’s an apropo rite of passage to do a tribute to our most beloved geek game of all time: Pac-Man.

Because of Pac-Man’s worldwide fame, I’m going to focus this post on facts about the little yellow gobbler you probably don’t know

  • Pac-Man’s name is derived from eating. The Japanese team of developers used the “onomatopoeic slang phrase…paku-paku”, which is the sound of a chewing mouth, as the basis for the title; Pakkuman.
  • Pac-Man is the “highest-grossing video game of all time”; making more than $2.5 billion dollars, in quarters by the 90’s!

  • The color of the blue “enemy” is not really blue, but is actually Cyan
  • While the official colors, names and nicknames of the “ghosts” in English are:

Red: Shadow; Blinky

Pink: Speedy; Pinky

Cyan: Bashful; Inky

Orange: Pokey; Clyde


  • In the traditional Japanese its:

Red: Chaser; red guy

Pink: Ambusher; pink guy

Cyan: Fickle; blue guy

Orange: Stupid; slow guy

  • The first person to achieve “perfect play” in Pac-Man; “by eating every possible dot, power pellet, fruit, and enemy…on the first 255 levels”, was Billy Mitchell of Florida, in about 6 hours.
  • While a common misconception about the “ghosts” is that they all move randomly, creator Toru Iwatani explained that they each have set movement personalities. Blinky chases Pac-Man, while both Pinky and Inky try to get in front of Pac-Man’s mouth. Pokey is the only character that moves randomly. This ensures for less boring and more challenging game play.

I hope you found these Pac-Man insights helpful. Click here to play Pac-Man right now.

Play on Pac-Man lovers, because the game “was designed to have no ending”!

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