Posted by Cynthia Sycip

Pair is a FREE one-to-one networking app premised on exclusivity; it’s made solely for private communication between two people. Pair is designed for couples, and unlike other instant messengers, this app encourages you to keep consistently in touch with your partner.

The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” is a thing of the past. Pair is all bout exchanging and viewing intimate messages on a timeline, sharing photos, handwritten messages, or sketches. It even shares your location with your partner.

Other features include a Thumbkiss, which lets you experience where your loved one is touching the screen so that you can touch the same spot –and viola; you both feel a “vibration”.

Here are some other cool features:

  • you can share videos to your timeline;
  • add reminders for important dates –like anniversaries or birthdays;
  • for married couples or for couples living together, you can setup a reminder that will sync and alert your partner (ex: to pass by Whole Foods on their way home); or
  • if you and your partner happen to be online at the same time, you may want to play tic-tac-toe together.

Pair is a great way to inform your other half that you’re safe during or after earthquakes, tornadoes or other emergencies. That’s because the Pair app collects your coordinates via Global Positioning System (GPS), using your tablet or smartphone. With PAIR your partner will always know exactly where you are (keep that in mind if you’re concerned about privacy –this app is not for you!).

Conceived to work for lovers, this app can also be great for use amongst very close friends and/or family members. If you’re a father that wants to keep tabs on his sixteen year old, this app is perfect (albeit, your teenager won’t appreciate it much).

Couples using Pair will enjoy it, however, the app can use improvement; ex: a live video chat would be a huge enhancement. Pair is in V1.1 so I expect it will have many new features as it continues through its development stage.

Overall, this app is great if you’re in a relationship, whether dating, living together or married. It’s particularly awesome if your relationship is long distance.  That said, it can also be great for roommates, family members and best friends (assuming you’re comfortable with the level of intimacy and lack of privacy associated with).

Learn more about Pair or download it free via iTunes.