Posted by Jesse Braunstein


Undoubtedly creative, Pablo Picasso, infamous for his playful and experimentalist style, once said, “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

While on the surface, this may seem to be a relatively informal concept, if you try Picasso’s method (like I have countless times), I can guarantee you will not only be surprised with the results, but also be impressed with yourself.

“Don’t assume you know everything.”

Although I found this plain tidbit in a collection of “online business tips,” I see it as a greater lesson, deeply applicable to all aspects of living.

In life, I’ve often found that creativity and the act of being imaginative, start off more closely associated with curiosity and the accidental, than with the intentional. Therefore, in order to be as inspired and original as possible, it is crucial to maintain a relentless sense of curiosity in day to day life.

Jesse Braunstein is a Junior at NYU double majoring in Economics and Psychology. Jesse joined Madison Technology and in May 2011 as a summer intern. Jesse has been instrumental in utilizing his expanding background to come up with creative perspectives on the Marketing, Advertising and Business Development initiatives at both Madison Technology and Jesse’s outlook stems from an Economics and Psychology education and a deep understanding of the individual and how the individual acts within and interacts with the market.  Follow Jesse on Twitter and Facebook. Check out his