Posted by Renee Schmidt

Pluralis: Stop Investing in the Process. Start Paying for Results.
Despite having uncovered the secrets of successful Landing Page traffic optimization, conversion optimization still seems to have everyone stumped. Even when using the wittiest copy and eye-catching graphic design, it is often impossible to determine if a Landing Page will convert traffic to customers. Add to that the fact that viable testing options are generally translated into time-consuming, costly strategies based on hopeful “hunches”, and it’s no wonder that for every $92 that most online businesses spend driving traffic to their site, they spend less than $1 trying to achieve conversion rate lift.

Pluralis’ Crowdsourced Solution: a Simple Answer to a Complex Conversion Problem
Pluralis took the frustrating and expensive world of CRO and turned it into a user-friendly marketplace where online businesses can easily improve their Landing Page conversion rates by leveraging the ingenuity of “the crowd.” The final goal is conversion lift, so instead of paying for an endless array of people and services to achieve this, businesses can now create “Optimization Contests” and pay for only the winning Landing Page.

The crowd ranges from SEO gurus and copywriters to marketers and ROI-oriented designers – all of whom are invested in proving they can solve your conversion challenges in exchange for cash rewards. The result: a business can stop paying many services for the PROMISE of a lift and instead pay only one risk-free reward in exchange for a Landing Page with tried-and-true conversion power.

Leveraging an Incentive-Based Platform
Pluralis lets each business decide how valuable a conversion lift is to them. For example, in launching an optimization contests on the Pluralis platform, you could offer $1,000 for the creative optimizer who boosts your conversion rate by at least 15% – but what if you’d be willing to shell out up to $4,000 for a Landing Page with 30% lift? With the ability to define multiple levels of rewards, it leaves the door open to online businesses of all sizes and traffic levels to benefit from the Pluralis offering. The higher the reward, the more likely a contest is to engage the Pluralis crowd and create winning pages.

Testing, 1…2…3
Creative Optimizers use Pluralis’ editing tools to make changes directly to the existing landing page, creating new versions from which a business can choose. Businesses then pick their favorites from among these new, optimized versions and promote only the best to the next round for A/B Testing. This way business owners know only the best Landing Pages are out there representing their brand. By using REAL traffic, Pluralis makes it easy to see which version of a landing page converts best when compared to the other versions in each optimization contest; exposing landing pages to real potential clients lets a business observe which version produces the best conversion rate, guaranteeing the greatest conversion rate lift for their money.

Breathe Easy; Pluralis is Here to Stay.
Since this new crowdsourcing beta launch in March 2012 and public reveal this past September, the company has built an impressive line-up of customers such as Babylon, SysAid, Jottix and many other SMBs from the US and around the globe. Even more impressive is the levels of success these companies have achieved using Pluralis contests to improve respective conversion rates. Case studies on the company’s website show lift rates as high as 27%, a number that many online businesses would have previously considered virtually impossible (pun intended!). Pluralis is a no brainer… no risk, lots of upside. What are you waiting for?! Visit Pluralis today.