Posted by Renee Schmidt

PlayStation 3 has been a massive hit all across the world. The new PS3 US version was recently launched to capitalize on the success of the PS franchise.

Most of us remember the days when Nintendo dominated the gaming industry, followed by Sega. Sony introduced its gaming console, PlayStation, in 1994 and it took the market by storm, displacing its competitors within two years of launch.

Today, Microsoft is leading the gaming industry with its Xbox console but Sony isn’t far behind. However, Nintendo is nowhere to be seen, with its worst sales in 2012. To re-dominate the market, Sony has released PS3 US.

PlayStation has been an entertainment giant in the ever-evolving world of gaming since its re-launch in November 2006. It now boasts over 4,000 games to choose from and download. Sony has lured innumerable customers by offering nonstop entertainment; besides video games, you can also enjoy a collection of movies and music on the PS 3 network.

The new PS3 US is designed to be modest yet lavish. The design is sleek and rather inconspicuous to some. But the 250 gigabyte memory space makes you lust for this promising piece of technology. And that’s really the only difference to it’s predecessor PS3; the new version provides more storage space with a lighter design. It doesn’t have any changes as far as the core gaming platform is concerned. It will simply assure plenty of safe storage for a huge collection of games, movies and music.

The debut of the PlayStation 3 sleek with 250 GB memory space will shortly be followed by the release of a larger hard disk; 500 GB. With the larger memory option, users are assured easy download. And in an age when people rely on the internet for more than one form of entertainment, such as digital movies, music, games and so on, the extra memory couldn’t be more appreciated.

PS3 US costs $249 for the 250 GB version and $299 for the 500 GB version.