Posted by Renee Schmidt

To find a complete set information on an individual, one source is never enough. Now there’s the Summer browser extension; it ‘sums’ up what you’re looking for, right from your sidebar.

Ever find yourself wondering about the people you read of in articles around the Web? By the time you’ve found the answers to all your questions, the browser is a mess of open tabs. Who is this person, what is their history, job title, social network posts? To find a complete set information on an individual, one source is never enough. What’s more, most online readers have short attention spans, which means their questions go largely unanswered for the sake of time.

The Summer browser extension provides relevant information with an undisruptive, easy-to-use sidebar. While browsing articles on a supported news or information site, the Summer sidebar is readily available with comprehensive information about the people you are reading about. Within the same browser window, you can find everything you want to know.

When you’ve installed the Summer browser extension and are on a Summer supported site, names of public figures are highlighted in subtle blue brackets. Clicking on them will brings you a bio, history, videos, photos, business information, related people, and social media profiles. Alternatively, you can click the small [S] tab on the right side of the page to see a list of all the people found in the article, and anchors linking to the places where they are mentioned.

The Summer people profiles contain a photo, a bio from Wikipedia, recent or relevant YouTube videos, and links to related news articles. Political figures will have governmental information, including their party, roles, and nationality. Actors and celebrities will have thumbnails of movies and TV shows they’ve had a role in, complete with a summary, and links to other actors and cast members involved. For musicians, the albums are listed, as well as songs that can be played right from the Summer browser extension in your sidebar. Sports figures contain stats such as height, weight, nationality, as well as an external link to more detailed information from ESPN.

Not only does the Summer browser extension give insight about the person, it gives a chance to connect with them personally through links and feeds to various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and MySpace.

Summer is a free extension, which Chrome and Firefox users can easily download and it will install automatically. Summer is available on over 60 popular news, sports, entertainment, tech, and business sites including The New York Times, CNN, ESPN, PopSugar, TechCrunch, and Forbes.

I met with the Summer team on a recent tour of Technology in Israel. Although the company launched in only August of this past year, Summer is gaining lots of speed, having already been featured in The Wall Street Journal.

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