Posted by Renee Schmidt

Seamless is set to acquire MenuPages after deal announcement this Monday.  Site redesign to follow.

“Seamless Acquires Menupages in” what they call the “Race for Restaurants”, according to the New York Times Technology section,

For those of you who don’t know, Seamless is a website efficiently organized to allow the quick and painless (some would call it seamless), online ordering and delivery of restaurant food. Make an account; put in your credit card info and order from your favorite restaurant…Seamless will deliver and offer you chances to save money when you order frequently.

MenuPages is also food relevant but is more of a directory of menus (as the site-name implies). With MenuPages you can go online and plan out your order but then would usually call up the restaurant yourself as things aren’t as easy to do as they are on Seamless.

This “race” is definitely the real thing; especially in the face of two immediate factors:

  1. The consistently expanding  American work week (in terms of hours worked)
  2. The current economic scenario, which has got everyone competing for business

Because Americans are working more than ever before, a business model set to capitalize on the lack of time corporate America has to spend on other things; like going out to eat, is bound to be profitable. Additionally, Seamless’ acquisition is representative of the current corporate structure; where companies who have the cash acquire other companies to grow bigger, expand their reach and influence and then make even more than before.

Seamless also recently did a big website redesign and has an active Twitter account (@seamless). Now although this may seem to you like I’m trying to promote Seamless for some ulterior motive, the motive is simple:

I use Seamless all the time to order my food, when I’m at work…In fact, I used Seamless today.

Thanks guys!