Posted by Renee Schmidt

Path is an application that is based upon the concept of “sharing your life journey” with your family and your closest friends. Path was launched in 2010 in San Francisco, CA by a former Facebooker. Since its debut, some 3 million people have downloaded the application.

Path is an intimate social networking tool based on smart journal that allows users to tell their story, share pictures and choose the 150 people whom they wish to share those with.

It is an inspiring tool to share encouragement and affirmations with closest family and friends while being able to update them about where you are and what’s going on in the moment. Path is all about “authentically expressing and sharing with people you love”. Path is already onto a revamped version: Path 2.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, your friends list on Path is limited and you get notifications each time someone makes a Path update. If you pick your Path friends well, it makes for a very intimate experience of continuous sharing throughout the day.

Path lets you upload pics and share your GPS location if you happen to be on the road. Others within your “Path” may share the same; the interaction is intimate but wholesome. Path is premised on the idea that the more one interacts with others, the more they learn about themselves.

Worried about privacy issues? Path limits your social network to only 150 people; so you can be sure to select only those closest to you. With the press of a single button, you can share what you’re thinking, whom you are having dinner with and what your plans are next. It is the concept of sharing these moments with only your intimate circle that makes Path a unique kind of app. When you’re sharing with those closest to you, you’re likely to open up more.

Path is most notable for being a mobile-first experience; it’s only available for smartphones. As such, it strips away most of the options you have on browser-centric social networks like Facebook. The mobile platform is simple; it offers only a few simple features for sharing, like: photos, check-ins with friends, what music you’re listening to, and short updates. You may even opt to share an emotion: smile, frown, gasp, laugh, and love. So if, for example, you find yourself in awe of the NYC sunset, you can simply upload a photo and choose an emotion, like “gasp” or “love”.

Path is available on iPhone and Android. Coming soon to an iPad near you.