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Reely is a new social game that follows in the footsteps of SongPop. Instead of music, though, Reely is all about movies.

If you’re a fan of the game SongPop, you’ll love Reely, the new Facebook and mobile game from Gamba Gamez. Like SongPop, Reely allows you to face off against your friends (or other random users or “Reelers”) to test your knowledge, but this time you’ll be identifying movies instead of your favorite tunes.

Available to play for free on Facebook, iPhone and iPad, Reely features categories such as “Outta This World,” “Chick Flix,” and “Oscars.” By playing the game, you’ll also earn coins which you can use toward purchasing new categories, such as “Superheroes Special” or “Forever Young.”

When you start a new round, you’ll be given three random categories from those you own, and after choosing one, you’ll see five movie clips. With each clip, you’ll be asked to name the movie, the actor on screen, the character, etc. These same five trivia questions are then sent to the player you’ve challenged to see who can get the most points. You’ll get points for answering the question correctly, of course, but speed is important too. The faster you answer each movie question, the more points you’ll earn. Once your friend plays, it is his or her turn to pick the next category.

After each Reely round, you’ll see the correct answers to your five questions, along with information about each clip. You can click links within the game to buy and watch the movie via your favorite service, such as Netflix or Amazon.

Reely is also pretty up-to-date when it comes to movies that are part of the game. They have older selections of course, but they also have newer releases, including clips from movies that are still in theaters. Occasionally, they have special categories to coincide with movie releases, like their “Superheroes Special,” which celebrated the release of Man of Steel.

So far, I really like Reely. I was addicted to SongPop when it first came out, but I’m much more of a movie person than a music person. The real test will be whether or not it catches on so that more people are playing it. Social games like Reely are only fun if they are actually social, so if this game interests you, make sure to invite your friends.

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