Posted by Renee Schmidt

As Osama news broke Sunday, I posted a link in my Link Roundup to a TechCrunch story on Bin Laden’s death spreading like wildfire on Twitter.  It all started with a little tweet and the topic was trending on Twitter within minutes.

12 hour later, there are Facebook pages galore celebrating the death of the terrorist leader (I quite appreciate how anyone can make a viral shrine of just about anything).  Adorned with American Flags, my personal favorite: Osama Bin Laden Being Dead.  When you like the page, your status update reads: ‘John Doe likes Osama Bin Laden Being Dead.’  The  Osama Bin Laden Being Dead Facebook page has 66,708 likes as of 5/2/2011, 2:46PM EST.  It will be interesting to see how that numbers grows virally by the time this post publishes at 9AM Tuesday morning (5/3/2011).  Update: 99,334 likes as of 9:04AM EST.

Note that there are tons of other Facebook pages with hundreds and thousands of likes, all touting Bin Laden’s death.  The walls of these pages have become shrines, with some users posting special eulogies to share their sentiments.  On Twitter, hash tags ranging from #osama, #osamabinladen, #obl, #binladen and others are trending since last night.  The news is also top in search on Google and other search engines. 

All I can say is its absolutely INCREDIBLE how news goes viral these days: the speed, the ease, the accuracy.  Thank you Social Media.